Information for New Patients

Before Scheduling Your Appointment

Before scheduling your appointment with Dr. Allen Stark or Dr. Carol Stark, check our list of Services and make sure your chosen doctor is right for you. If what you need does not appear on our list of services, it is likely that the Drs. Stark do not handle that service (for example, worker's comp claims, drug and alcohol rehab, or child custody therapy).

Be aware that Lake Oswego Psychiatric Associates does not accept payment in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, or supplements thereof. We do not accept payment in the form of workman's compensation or victim's compensation. We do not accept Oregon Health Plan or TriCare. We do not bill out-of-network insurance, although we will provide documentation if you wish to do so. (If you are covered by one of these, you can still come see us, but you would pay out of pocket). A list of accepted insurance companies and network subscriptions for each doctor is available on the Doctors page.

Important! Most people's mental or behavioral health coverage is completely different from their medical insurance coverage. Check with your insurance provider and make sure 1) you do have mental or behavioral health coverage, and 2) that it covers you at what you consider to be a reasonable rate.

Even if your coverage is "in network," the coverage may be poor or there may be a high deductible (which may be specific to your mental/behavioral health benefits). Please check with your insurance company!

To Schedule Your First Appointment:

First appointments are known as Initial Evaluations and are 45 minutes long. To schedule your initial evaluation, call our office at 503-635-9336. Please have your insurance card handy as we will need to take down your information for our billing company. Please be aware that we will try to schedule you as soon as possible, but are limited by the individual doctors' availability.

If you would like us to bill your insurance, Dr. Allen Stark will be happy to do so providing it is an insurance he is on panel with (see Doctors page for list). Dr. Carol Stark will only file claims with Blue Cross Blue Shield/Regence. We will bill based on the information your insurance company provides us, which is not guaranteed. Insurance companies may reinburse differently from the initial information they provide us. You are responsible for any remaining balance after they reimburse as well as co-pays or co-insurance, deductibles, non-covered services, and any denied claims. Payment will be expected at time of service.

Please note, if we are unable to obtain a verification of benefits from your insurer before your treatment, we then require payment in full at the time of service. A credit will then be applied towards your treatment should your insurance company reimburse later. It is your responsibility to inform Lake Oswego Psychiatric Associates of any change in insurance coverage.

After You Have Been Scheduled:

After you have been scheduled for your first appointment, that time is set aside for you. If you miss your first appointment, you may reschedule; however, depending on the doctor's availability, you may have to wait for a new opening. We ask that you arrive for your first appointment 15-30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to fill out the following paperwork:

You may also download the New Patient Packet consisting of the above forms; print the packet, fill it out, and bring it to your appointment for speedier service. (This is highly recommended, since it takes most people awhile to find our location their first time!)

If you are the parent or guardian of a patient under the age of 18 who is seeing Dr. Carol Stark, you will also need to fill out the following form:

Please bring your insurance card to your appointment, as we will need to make a copy of it for our records and for billing purposes.

If you miss or cancel your first appointment without 48 hours (2 BUSINESS DAYS) notice, we will refuse future service.

Thank you for choosing Lake Oswego Psychiatric Associates for your care.